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EKG and Heart Evaluation

Welcome to Good Neighbor Clinic's EKG and Heart Evaluation Services!

An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a non-invasive test that records the electrical activity of your heart over a period of time. At Good Neighbor Clinic, we offer EKG and heart evaluation services to assess your heart’s health and diagnose potential cardiac conditions.

Our EKG and Heart Evaluation
Services Include:

Routine Heart Monitoring:

EKGs are commonly used to monitor your heart’s rhythm and detect irregularities that may indicate underlying heart conditions.

Diagnosis of Heart Conditions:

EKGs play a vital role in diagnosing conditions such as arrhythmias, heart attacks, and other cardiac abnormalities.

Preoperative Assessment:

EKGs are often performed before surgery to ensure your heart is healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

Cardiac Stress Testing:

We offer stress tests that involve monitoring your heart’s activity during physical exertion, helping to assess its performance under stress.

Holter Monitoring:

For continuous heart monitoring, we provide Holter monitors to record your heart’s activity over a 24-hour period or longer.

At Good Neighbor Clinic, we understand the importance of accurate heart evaluations in maintaining your overall health. Our experienced medical team is here to provide comprehensive EKG and heart evaluation services, supporting your heart health and well-being. Schedule an appointment today to take proactive steps towards a healthy heart.